Five leftover thoughts on software testing

Defect severity ‘Skynet’: If this gets to production, we’re screwed. Really screwed.

The problem with templates is that the people who need them shouldn’t be writing the document in the first place and that the people who don’t need them, have trouble shaking off the vague sense of obligation to adhere to them.

Happy path application: application that works perfectly fine as long as you stick to the beaten path with your eyes half-closed.

The contents of a test plan can be divided into the following four categories: good stuff, cover your ass, bullshit, trivialities.

Buddhist software development: there is no progress, only a never-ending cycle of suffering.

p.s. stealth box: like a black box, but you don’t even know where the box is
magic box: like a black box, but you’re note sure what it does (if anything at all)

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