My projects

FroGS conf

With some other fine people I organise the Friends of Good Software (FroGS) conference. It’s an open space conference focusing on quality and software. And it’s the successor of TestCraftCamp.

Context of Agile

Context of Agile is a site where I collect resources to better understand the historical context of Agile.

The four-hour tester

Helena Jeret-Mäe and I created the four-hour tester, five exercises teaching five basic testing skills in four hours.

Building an API testing framework

Full-day workshop in which you build an API testing framework from scratch using Python, pytest, and the requsts library. All materials can be found here. These also include examples of next steps and a single test implemented in using different Python libraries, such as tavern, robot and behave.

Pytest plugins

Pytest-instrument (PiPy, GitHub) is a plugin to instrument your tests, so you can have the raw event data of your tests in a file of json objects.

Pytest-logfest (PiPy, GitHub) is a plugin that provides three logger fixtures which can write all log records or only those of failed tests to file.

Learning Clojure

In April 2020 I decided I wanted to learn Clojure (because functional programming and Lisp) and write about the process. You can find an overview page of what I’ve written so far here.


Session-tools (GitHub) is a small suite of note-taking tools for session-based test management (SBTM).