Measuring review coverage

Recently it occurred to me we have plenty of ways to measure test coverage, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to measure review coverage. So today I decided to fix that. The result is the scale below with which you can measure review coverage. And just like all good scales, it goes all the way up to 11.

0) I’m sorry, what document?
1) I think I do remember someone mentioning that document.
2) I’m sure I have it somewhere – well, at least fairly sure…
3) Look, it’s on my to do-pile!
4) Did you know the number of characters in your document is a prime number?
5) I was just about to begin my review, but then something important came up.
6) The table of contents looks really good.
7) I saw a few typos; you really should run a spell check on that.
8) What do you mean that’s not the document you are talking about?
9) I skimmed it. Didn’t see any issues worth mentioning.
10) I read it attentively and checked it against the project documentation. Here’s a list with my findings.
11) I hired a team of experts at my own expense to do the review. Here’s the report.

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