Book Clubs
Are The Best

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Joep Schuurkes
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the invitation

Slack message announcing the start of the book club

the first book

cover of Becoming a Technical Leader by Jerry Weinberg
Becoming a Technical Leader
- Jerry Weinberg

the book club

partial Miro board of one book

the drop in attendance

59 invitees

initial Outlook invite with 59 invitees

35 invitees

later Outlook invite with 35 invitees

whoever comes
are the right people

the anti-library

Miro board with potential next books for the book club

why do a book club?

  • discuss books
  • encouragement to read
  • discover new books
  • connect with different people
Shelf with my still-to-read books

how to do a book club?

  • create a space to gather in
  • pick a clear theme
  • announce the new book early and widely
  • gently steer conversations
Shelf with my still-to-read books

thank you!

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