Agile Testing Days 2018

building your own API testing framework

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Joep Schuurkes - @j19sch
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what we'll be doing today

pytest requests

what we'll be doing today

Learning goals


Learning goal retrospective

C-RUDDER mnemonic


before we start

you are in charge of your own learning

this workshop comes with lifetime support

silent attention signal

pair up

pair up WOCinTechChat

say hi!

share your learning goal

be curious

first things first: setup!



time for some exercises


before each exercise

what is the next thing
we need?

question mark innov8social
1 Coloringbuddymike

interacting with an API

building and running tests

2 Coloringbuddymike
3 Coloringbuddymike

setup & teardown

building an interface

4 Coloringbuddymike
5 Coloringbuddymike

capturing what the tests do

learning goal retrospective

did you meet your goal?

what next?


ship rudder
Run & report


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why Python?

Given the option between writing an absolutely complete,
forward compatible, absolutely perfect solution to a given problem
and writing the simplest, stupidest, quickest thing that gets the job done,
the core developers of the Python language would rather that you write
the simplest, stupidest, quickest thing to get the job done
and go home and spend the rest of the day with your family.
James Powell // What Does It Take To Be An Expert At Python? (video)